What Are The Most Useful Compact Tractor Attachments

Which attachments are best for a Compact Tractor?

A Compact Tractor is designed to have implements attached to it, to make your job much easier. Mid and Rear mounting locations are standard on most Compact Tractors, so how do we make the best use of those?

Compact Tractor Attachments – Which Is The Most Popular?

The rear attachment is the most commonly used attachment and has a variety of implements that can be used by attaching either a drawbar or a three point hitch, the latter being the more popular choice of the two as it has the ability to be easily raised and lowered and switching between different attachments depending on the job required.

Other Compact Tractor Attachments Worth Investing In

The mid mount area of the Compact Tractor appears to be the least popular mounting area as access to this area is a little harder and attaching implements there is more difficult and tiring although has it’s advantages. This is while you’ll often see things like Mower Decks attached there as this is an ideal implement to be attached on, used and left attached and a mower deck mounted in the middle gives better manoeuvrability for getting around obstacles than when mounted on the back.

Compact Tractor Implements

You’ll often see Compact Tractors marketed with a couple of implements, in varying combinations, already attached as standard. For example, a useful combination to have would be a Front Loader and a Backhoe implement to suit the tractor. Of course, its your Compact Tractor and you’re free to have whatever implements you need for purpose. For a better understanding of what’s available on the market today, let’s delve into some of the most popular implements on the market.

Mower / Cutter Attachment

As mentioned earlier, the Mower attachment is a common implement to be used on a Compact Tractor. Sometimes a ride on mower doesn’t have the power or size to handle the job at hand. Using the mower implement can quickly and easily have your lawns and fields trimmed and even tackle heavy overgrowth and weeds. If you have acres to cover and a limited time frame to get it done in, the Mower / Cutter implement is invaluable.

Box Blade Attachment

Attached to the rear, the Box Blade is pulled directly behind the Compact Tractor. The Box Blade implement is used to dig into the ground and redistribute the soil, levelling the ground out in the process. It’s a great tool for making pathways or roads and also spreading and levelling top soil, stones or gravel on driveways or parking areas. It eliminates a lot of back breaking labour trying to flatten out surfaces.

Land Plane Attachment

Another handy implement that allows you to level out surfaces that is attached to the rear of the Compact Tractor. It works well with most loose materials such as dirt and gravel. It features a more detailed design than the other kinds of levellers which gives it a lot more control and finesse when it comes to maintaining gravel tracks, levelling menages, gallops and so on.

Front End Loader Attachment

With it’s well thought out arm shape design, you can easily connect the Front end Loader to a wide variety of tools including Buckets and Pallet forks. This is the perfect implement for moving rubble, manure, pallets or refuse aswell as loading and unloading trailers.

Rotary Tiller Attachment

This uses rotating tines to cut deep into and turn up soil, leaving a perfect seed bed for planting most types of crops. If you have a lot of crops and fields to tend too, the Rotary Tiller is a must have implement.

Chain Harrow Attachment

This attachment is a useful tool to use at the beginning of the grass growing season, it pulls dead grass out of the ground leaving the remaining grass shoots to grow without using their energy on dead grass, thus creating a much stronger and thicker crop.

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