A Busy Time At Handy Compact Tractors

Handy Compact Tractors Farm Update

It has been another busy period here at Handy compact tractors. While we have cattle here at West end farm, some of the 1st calves we purchased have now come of age and were recently sold to the next farmer at an auction where they will be taken on either to become mothers of their own calves or taken up to weight for food consumption. We were very proud to what we had achieved with a mention in the market report and the animals looking spectacular in the ring.

Premium Fencing Services

We also recently fabricated and installed some estate style fencing for a customer that had previously had us put up some of this style fencing in the past, it really left a nice finish to their property for them to enjoy.

RTV Customization

We recently sold a Kubota RTV utility vehicle, after listening to the customers needs, we fabricated and fitted high mesh sides to assist them with maintaining their property and making the most out of their new machines capabilities. at the same time they also purchased a 1.5 ton hydraulic tipping trailer to use in conjunction with the same machine which is more than capable of handling.

Garage Enhancements

We modified a commercial garage for a new customer towards the end of last year as they wanted to get taller vehicles up on their vehicle lifts for inspection, we cut out a part of the metal apex and installed an upright post to support the roof. This allowed extra height which made all the difference to their needs.

Moving Our Farm Equipment

Back to the farm, as our cake bin was nearly empty, we took the advantage to move it while it was lighter to make way for a new building that will be put up later this year (watch this space). it was a relatively simple job to un-bolt from the ground and disconnect the pipework for re-filling and bolting it down for security in bad weather in it’s new location.

Mezzanine Floor Installation

We started to fabricate a Mezzanine floor for a recent new customer of ours in December 2022, after listening to their needs and an onsite consultation. We installed the mezzanine floor In February this year and the customer was very happy with the end result allowing them extra storage space that wasn’t there before.

Custom Welding & Fabrication Work

A new customer of ours saw the buckets we supply and also saw the welding and fabrication work we do so asked us to make a special one off bucket to suit their needs. This particular style of bucket would have been very popular back in the 1960’s through to 1980’s but not soo much now, making it difficult for them to source. We asked the customer to send us their current muck fork in use to use as a template for making this one off bucket and the brackets needed for it to operate efficiently. After some careful measurements, the customer was very happy with the end result.

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