Cattle Watch – How Are The Cows?

So What Else Is Happening On The Farm?

So other than what you see us doing with our welding and fabrication services and the small machinery we sell, we also have the Handy Compact Tractors Cows, a heard of 25x Belgian blue and Hereford cattle. Earlier this week we turned out our cows onto grass for the first time. This is the first time any of these cows would have been in a field full of grass as when they were born it was winter time and the cold weather put them at a big risk of getting pneumonia, so they are kept in clean dry sheds throughout the winter with clean straw for bedding being provided daily.

It is good practice to keep cattle in throughout the winter as not only they can get pneumonia but the relentless wet mud can cause bad feet making their hooves soft and get infections as well as them trampling in the grass they would need to feed off of causing it to not grow in spring.

It was quite a challenge getting them out of the sheds as they had come a custom to clean bedding and food being brought to them daily, it took our whole team to drive them into the field, but as you can see from the video, they were more than happy to be out onto fresh grass and soon became playful testing the boundaries.

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