Farm Updates – How Have We Been Getting On?

It’s Been A While, So Here’s An Update!

Hello again! – It has been some time since we last posted here and for a good reason. As we are a farm, the last 4 months have been the most critical throughout the whole year. Not only have we been keeping all our customers repairs and welding projects in order, we have also been very busy harvesting crops for winter feed and bedding, not just for our own cattle but also for some of our local farming customers.

With over 55 years worth of experience in farming we know what it takes to get an excellent crop to make the best product to feed farm animals and equestrian, starting from selecting some of the very best grass land for our small bale hay and then cutting the crops at the right time is critical to ensure they don’t get wet from rain during the period and ensuring grass gets a good wilt before baling to avoid heating when stored in the barn which could lead to spontaneous combustion if made wrong. It has been an exceptional year but not without it’s late nights, worries and hard work. Thanks from the team at Handy compact tractors, we all pulled together and got an excellent product in the barn ready for the coming winter.

Recent Challenges That We’ve Faced

As Martin and Debbie Handy are slowly retiring from the farm, this was the first year Phil Handy took full responsibility from the harvest as well as ensuring every aspect of the machinery sales, repairs and welding works continued to run smoothly. This was a very daunting task as he had some big boots to fill following in his parents foot steps, but with some great advice from his parents, the harvest was a great success. Ensuring all repairs from our customers at their own critical time of year was also a challenge as we know how critical it is when a vital piece of harvest equipment fails and creates down time stopping the process.

It was then vital all repairs were carried out efficiently and effectively allowing them to carry on with their own harvest as well as our own. It has been a particularly bad year for forest disease in our own cattle this year. This is a disease carried by flies which affects the cattle’s eyes and if not treated quickly can cause blindness in the animal. Luckily we managed to cure all our cases found ensuring we have a happy heard going into winter.

A Happy Summary

The harvest was a success with all customers left happy with our efforts and efficiency in all repairs carried out. Over the next few weeks we will go in depth with some of our projects we have carried out throughout the last 4 months including a new look to our farm entrance. Watch this space…


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