Farm Updates – What’s Been Happening At Handy Compact Tractors?

Fabrications & Farm Updates

As well as welding and fabrication, we also have a farm to maintain and while we had a dry period. We were able to get out on the grounds to clear fallen trees, maintain fence lines to keep cattle in for the upcoming season and dig out ditches for drainage that had started to fill with sediment over the years. All these jobs are vital to the smooth and efficient running of a farm.

Outdoor roof section added by Handy Compact Tractors

On the subject of farm updates, we have also put up a roof section to keep the farmer and vets dry out of bad weather for TB testing and cattle maintenance in general.

It’s Not Just Metal We Work With

We don’t just do metal though, we have also installed 4x roller screen gale breakers recently and erected some Yorkshire boarding for one of our regular customers. This will help provide shelter for their livestock from rain and the elements as well as the additional bonus in saving straw from getting wet meaning the livestock stay dry and clean for longer resulting in saving money from using excess straw for clean bedding with animals.

John Deere XUV855D gator full service and repairs | Handy Compact Tractors

Servicing A John Deere XUV855D Gator

Recently we also carried out a full service to a John Deere XUV855D gator for one of our relatively new customers. The customer never purchased this particular machine from us, but we were very happy to take on the task of maintaining this vehicle for them. As well as doing the obvious changing all the oils and filters, we also replaced several suspension bushes and components that had badly worn, repaired lights and added a light bar for extra visibility in the dark.

Repairing and modifying a trailer | Handy Compact Tractors

We have also modified one of our regular customers running a recovery business, we listened closely to their issues with a trailer involving difficulty with accessibility to operate a tipping mechanism and winch location on the trailer. you can see a before and after of the which being lowered and moving the spare wheel to a different location. This was going to be a trial and error job as we did not get this working exactly how the customer thought it would and required extra attention later on to correct the issues.

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