Getting Your Farm Machines Ready For The Winter

Is Your Machine Winter Ready?

There are a lot of company’s that don’t want you to see this because it can save you money, but we want to ask you the question – Is your machine Winter ready? As the cold weather is now approaching and with the 1st frost’s already upon us, this is a true sign and warning to make sure your machine is ready for the cold snaps we will soon get.

Get Your Farm Machinery Ready For Winter |

How Can You Check To See If Your Machine Is Winter Ready?

At Handy compact tractors and machinery, we strongly recommend to check the strength of the antifreeze in your cooling system as a 1st priority (for water cooling systems only). you can easily get an anti freeze coolant tester online from as little as £6 or they are available from places like Halfords and other vehicle care specialists. This device will test the strength of the anti freeze in your cooling system as we all know when water freezes it can expand and will crack an engine block if the antifreeze is not strong enough which will write off your machine. If the anti freeze is weak in your cooling system, we recommend to drain the system and re-fill with the correct anti-freeze to water mix (stated on your antifreeze bottle).

We also recommend to keep your machine under cover if possible. If you are unable to put your machine under cover, we would recommend to put a thick blanket over your machine and a tarpaulin on top to both insulate from the cold and protect from wet weather. If you will not be using your machine for some time during the winter, we would also recommend to run the machine for 30 minutes (to charge the battery before parking up for the cold season and then remove the battery and store in a warm place indoors (NOT right next to a radiator or a fire).

If you remove the battery , you must remove the earth lead 1st (usually the negative lead) to avoid shorting the battery and creating sparks. when storing the battery indoors, it is vital no metal or electrical conducting material touches the terminals to avoid shorting the battery. We recommend removing the battery and storing indoors in all cases as the cold weather can ruin a battery since they are full of water too and a cold snap will destroy your battery overnight, this is particularly recommended for ride on mowers as they may not be used for up to 5 months of the year and would save you on the cost of a new battery in the spring.

Make Sure Your Farm Machines Are Ready For The Cold |

Wow, I Didn’t Know That ! What Else Can I Do To Ensure My Machine Is Ready For The New Season?

It is good practice to regularly check the oil and coolant levels and top up when required. If you see damp patches or oil marks under your machine when you go to use it next, then there is a possibility your machine may have developed a leak and would require investigating, because once the oil stops dripping then your machine has ran out of oil and again could write it off.

We also recommend carrying out any maintenance work that maybe required from changing the odd light bulb to greasing all the grease nipples (found on most external rotating parts especially around the front axle) and pedals. this will increase the life span of your machine (especially on those hard to find parts) and help to hold it’s value if you ever choose to sell it.

Having any faults repaired will also help you to get going again in the new season and again will help to hold the value of your machine.

If your machine hasn’t been serviced within the last 12 months or 100 hours it may be worth considering getting this done now before we get busy in the new season so you are set to go when you want the machine again next. It is always worth consulting the manual or manufacturer as some have much longer service intervals.

Here at Handy Compact Tractors, we are always more than happy to help on any advice or carrying our servicing or repairs or even carrying out a winter check over for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know with any of your questions or requirements. We are always friendly and happy to help in any way possible – contact us today.

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