It’s Been A Busy Month At Handy Compact Tractors

Farm Machinery Refurbishment This Month

WOW we have been busy!

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I last updated our website news feed and with good reason too. Here at Handy Compact Tractors Ltd we focus our attention on looking after our existing customers above anything else, and they have all been busy in giving us work to do whether that will be modifying machinery to protect parts (picture 1), Replacing worn parts (picture 2), modifying machinery for more efficient use (picture 3) or running repairs to buildings (picture 4). I will be putting up more news feed soon on a couple of big projects we have recently undertaken but check this out for now…

Muck Grab Refurbishment - Handy Compact Tractors Services

Muck Grab Refurbishment & Fabrication

In this 1st picture we see a muck grab that the customer had problems with crushing pipes against the headstock on their machine. We overcame this simply with fabricating and fitting a heavy duty frame around the pipe fittings to protect them thus saving the customer time and money on hydraulic pipe repairs.

Grain Bucket Edge Replacement - Handy Compact Tractors

Grain Bucket Edge Replacement

In this 2nd picture we see a grain bucket that the edge has been replaced on. Unfortunately the customer let the edge wear a little too far in this case which resulted in the bucket splitting up the edge on the base and we repaired the splits with ‘v’ ing out the split, welding it in and plating over the top to put the strength of the structure back in as well as replacing the edge. This extends the life of the bucket significantly and is cost efficient when compared with the cost of a replacement bucket.

Box Grader Modification - Handy Compact Tractors

Box Grader Modification

In this 3rd picture we see a box grader which has been modified for more efficient use. Here at Handy Compact Tractors Ltd, we took the customers machine and after listening carefully to their requirements, we extended the box backwards, made the 3 point linkage hitch more heavy duty and added a box on top more the customer to add weight to so it can be more aggressive on the ground doing a much better job.

Steel RSJ Replacement

Steel RSJ Replacement

In this 4th picture we see a Steel RSJ which we cut out and replaced with a new piece. The customer had damaged the steel when they caught it with a machine on entering the building. After we done our part in replacing the steel, a builder was employed to re-erect the brick work next to the steel and re-lay the concrete around the base. This corrects an accident which occurred making the building safe again and generally improving the appearance of the building rather than being left as it was.

For all of your fabrication, restoration and replacement needs for your farm machines please get in touch with our expert team, contact us today.

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