Lorry Trailer Conversion

Handy Compact Tractors Tackles A Trailer Conversion

Handy Compact Tractors was approached with this project in early February which involved converting an old lorry trailer to be towed on a drawbar by a tractor with a tank which was still in use to be fitted to the chassis of the converted trailer. The tank itself is used on a regular basis moving waste beer from a local brewery to a pig farm. with most breweries currently slowing down production due to most pubs and restaurants being shut, now was the perfect time to carry out this job as we would be given 3 weeks to fit the tank to the converted trailer.

How Long Did The Trailer Conversion Take?

The overall job took just over 3 weeks to complete while fitting in emergency work with other customers in-between. carrying out the work to remove the tank and fit to the converted trailer was particularly challenging as the frame to the tank was rusted bad and meant replacing with a new fabricated chassis to support it and this lead us to removing all the existing insulation to get to the metal work as it was an ex milk tank. with the tank hauling waste beer over a short distance, it was not necessary to re-fit the insulation and the customer requested for it not to be fitted to keep the cost of the job down.

Another Happy Customer At Handy Compact Tractors

The overall result was excellent with a good solid trailer that was easier to manoeuvre than the existing articulated trailer and a fresh chassis to support the tank, the customer picked it up at 5.45 on a Friday morning to use it for the 1st time and was very happy with the work we done and was even more happy when the Bill came in nearly £500 less than originally quoted.

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