Machine Of The Month – John Deere 4110

Machine of the month - John Deere 4110

Machine of the month – John Deere 4110 compact tractor

This month we have chosen The John Deere 4110 compact tractor which we currently have available in stock. But why have we chosen this machine in particular?

We have chosen it because of it’s great value for money on a machine that has a good specification for the people out there that are looking to buy a tractor that will be suitable to maintain grounds and boundaries during the cold and wet winter months carrying out tasks like hedge cutting, chopping logs and trailering materials without compromising on all the qualities to maintain grounds during spring and summer carrying out tasks like grass cutting, rolling and chain harrowing.

Fully Checked & Serviced

At Handy compact tractors ltd, The used John Deere 4110 has undergone a scrutinising check over and a full service to prepare it for use with it’s new owner so it can go straight to work without letting you down.
Why would this machine particularly be suitable during winter months I hear you ask?…

Well the wide grass tyres give a low impact on ground spreading the tractors weight to avoid sinking and damaging the soil structure when wet and with the tractor only weighing in at just 750kg’s (3/4 ton) this will help alot to carry out all the necessary tasks with little down time. This John Deere 4110 also has 4WD and a diff lock to avoid you getting stuck or start sliding with plenty of traction and this will also help to avoid skidding and damaging the grass for next year.

Ok so i’m not getting stuck and will have good traction, but why else will this machine be suitable during winter?

If like me you have trees or woodland on your grounds and hedges, this is the perfect time of year to maintain dead trees or pick up fallen branches and also brining them home to keep the house warm if you have a fire or log burner. The John Deere comes into it’s own, it has external hydraulic connectors so you can split logs with a log splitter attachment, and use a hydraulic tipping trailer for moving them fallen branches or any other debris before the grass grows through them next season. you also have a 3 point linkage and PTO which you can attach and power a saw bench from and attach a hedge cutter to for trimming the hedge rows back before next year.

Overall this light compact tractor with 20HP is suitable for carrying out every task required for maintaining your grounds during the winter aswell as being perfectly suitable during spring, summer and autumn.
We have a wide range of attachments available for this John Deere and are able to source those that we don’t normally keep in stock.

Contact us now and let us know your requirements, we might just be able to put the perfect package deal together for you.

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