Machine Of The Month – Kubota BX2200 Package

Machine of the month - Kubota BX2200 - Handy Compact Tractors

Machine of the month – Kubota BX2200 package deal

This month we have chosen The Kubota BX2200 with Winton flail mower, New Hackett 4ft framed chain harrows and New Winton 5ft land roller we currently have available in stock. But why have we chosen this machine in particular?

We have chosen it because of it’s great value for money on a machine that is kitted out for the people out there that are looking to buy a tractor and machinery for the 1st time to maintain their land. It comes with everything you need to get started in maintaining grass land for animals to graze or simply for recreational purposes without the grass and weeds getting out of control.

Fully Checked & Serviced

At Handy compact tractors ltd, The used Kubota BX2200 has undergone a scrutinising check over and a full service to prepare it for use with it’s new owner so it can go straight to work without letting you down.

The attachments have been well matched to balance to the size of the tractor and horsepower for the most efficiency in operation. The Winton flail mower has a 105cm working width with heavy duty cast iron flails, ideal for cutting long grass and mulching it down and cutting down nettles, docs and weeds alike, the Winton flail mower also has a rear adjustable roller to leave nice stripes up and down your ground and if used on a regular basis you can get a lawn type finish to your grass.

The framed chain harrows can be used to pull dead grass out of the ground allowing for better grass growth on grasses alive in the ground, it can also be used to level loose soil and creating a nice seedbed after cultivation. The Winton roller can be ballasted for added weight if the ground is hard or badly uneven where added weight will help level out ruts, hoof prints or even mole mounds.

Found out more about this great bit of kit – CLICK HERE

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