FTS 5ft Field Roller FR5

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Our FR5 FTS 5ft Field Roller is well-suited to smallholdings and estates. Perfect for levelling out paddocks after topping or harrowing throughout the year.  It also ideal for maintaining sand schools, sports pitches and tracks.

This roller is British designed and manufactured for strength and reliability. The greasable bearings and the adjustable scraper mean that the roller is quick and easy to maintain and clean.

The weight of the roller can be adjusted by filling the drum with water using the bung on the side of the drum. This means that the roller can be adjusted to exert the required pressure to level the land in question.

The FTS 5ft Field Roller FR5 attaches easily to a range of small and compact tractors with the simple pin hitch. Most tractors will have a compatible draw bar to attach to the pin hitch. However a ball hitch upgrade option is also available to fit to ATV quad bikes or 4X4 vehicles.

This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.

Always remember to drain the water from your roller over winter to avoid freezing and expansion. Or alternatively top up with an off the shelf anti-freeze when using over the colder months.


Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 166 cm
Working Width (cm) 152
Laden Weight (kg) 515
Linkage Type Pin Hitch


  • Simple pin hitch fitting or optional tow hitch.
  • British designed for strength and reliability.
  • Greasable bearings and adjustable scraper.
  • Can be filled with water for extra weight.

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FTS 5ft Field Roller FR5

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