Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter WAM80

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The WAM80 Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter is a high reach hedge trimmer. These are great for cutting hedges, ditches, embankments and roadsides. This is a great piece of equipment for estates as well as smallholdings or paddocks.

The WAM80 is fitted with Y Style flail blades and also a PTO driven hydraulic pump, meaning the attachment is independent of the tractor hydraulics. Alongside the fully adjustable cutting arm, this makes the machine very versatile.

Easy to use levers control the cutting head and arm reach. The operating levers are in an easy to move block. The cable controls can be fixed to the tractor in a convenient place for operation. The rotor direction can go up and the front and down at the front. The main arm can move downwards and upwards, as well as inwards and outwards. The cutting head angle can also be adjusted. The rotation of the rotor can be changed from clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

The Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter cutter also benefits from an adjustable rear roller, which can be adjusted to change finish and cutting height.

The implement can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors.


Weight 275 kg
Working Width (cm) 80
Tractor Range (HP) 25-40
Linkage Type Cat 1
Lower Linkage Height (cm) 28
Power PTO
Cutting Reach Height (cm) 230
Downwards Reach (cm) 200
Horizontal Reach (cm) 275
Diagonal Reach (cm) 310
Horizontal Height Reach (cm) 185
Vertical Height Reach (cm) 330
Number of Blades 32


  • Simple operating levers
  • Reversible flail direction
  • Adjustable positioning for roller
  • PTO-driven hydraulic pump

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Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter WAM80

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