Project – Grain Bucket Modification

Grain Bucket Modification

We were approached with a unique idea that our customer wanted to fill his 200 litre game bird feeders with grain easily, as there were many of these feeders across their property, traveling backwards and forwards to get more grain from a bulk silo was not a solution. Between us and the customer, we came up with this solution, we modified one of their existing telehandler buckets with a hydraulically operated cover which can latch shut and a chute with door on the front to control the release of grain into their feeders. This idea would potentially work well as they could fill several feeders before returning back to the bulk grain silo to re-fill the telehandler bucket. the lid would also be removable to give the bucket the versatility of being used without the lid.

We carried out the project over the course of a week within our fully equipped workshop. We replaced the bucket edge giving the bucket a new lease of life before modifying it, we fabricated the lid, chute and door and fitted it onto some existing brackets at the top of the bucket which were originally for a road sweeper brush to attach to. having done this we then realised the lid would be too heavy to open and close by hand for re-fills and added a hydraulic ram to make the whole job easier and made support legs for when the lid is removed.

Take a look through the images to see our work.

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