Silage Feeder Wagon Reinforcement Project

New Project – Silage Feeder Wagon Reinforcement

We were approached about a Silage Feeder Wagon Reinforcement Project due to the wear and tear from the inside of a silage feeder wagon earlier this month, the sheer force of how the machine operates meant the metal had worn thin and began to open up. We originally quoted for 2 days work which would have to be done from our fully equipped workshop due to the nature of the repair, with a unique shaped piece of sheet steel with many bends at different angles needed. Unfortunately we were not able to have the machine for 2 days to carry out the work as it is used on a daily basis to feed cattle, the customer gave us a maximum of 18 hours to complete the job and not being able to start until 9am of any day. We chose to carry out the job on a Tuesday and that meant working late into the night.

The feeder wagon was collected off farm at 9am ready to start work. 4x sheets were fabricated into shape from 5mm sheet steel before welding into place which proved difficult with the unique shape and bends. It was particularly dangerous working inside the feeder wagon as there were large, sharp knives on both vertical drums. This was put safe by taping cardboard over the sharp edges to prevent injury while carrying out the task in hand. As the day turned into the night, extra light was required to complete the task. By 9pm the job was complete, swept out clean to prevent debris getting into the feed of cattle and was returned to farm ready for it’s next use with 6 hours to spare.

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