We Have A New Look To Our Entrance – Welding & Fabrication News!

We Took Our Time With This Welding Project

Over the last 2 years we have been very busy with repairs, welding and fabrication projects, our welder fabricator (Tom Edwards) was set this project just at the end of 2019 as a project to keep him busy during quiet periods. The overall project took longer than expected with us putting our customers needs 1st, but it was well worth the wait. Each panel was handcrafted from 12mm solid square bar and 25mm box section steel top and bottom.

Creative Welding By Our Team

There is a total of 16x scrolls that was purchased and 2x welded to the top outside edges of each panel and 2x pairs of roses equally distanced in the middle that were hand crafted from tea spoons. Each rose used on average 14 teaspoons to fabricate and with a total of 32x roses made, this on it’s own was a time consuming job. There were cheaper options to buy in cast made roses but simply did not have the depth and detail we were looking for and it has paid off creating a simple yet elegant look to finish off the entrance to our farm.

Contact Us For Bespoke Welding Projects

We are available to fabricate bespoke railing to your specification or ideas also any other project involving metal work we are keen on and enjoy doing. In this case, each panel with 2x posts we made took an average of 6.5 hours to fabricate, there is a total of total 8x panels and 2x shorter pieces to fill in the gaps on the ends. For any welding or fabrication needs, contact us today.

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