What Can A Compact Tractor Do

What can a compact tractor do? Find out

One of the most common questions we’re asked  about our machines is “What can it do?” We’ve covered a lot of it in our ground care page, but with such a versatile machine, we wanted to highlight a few more of the major benefits.

A Compact Tractor Can Mow Your Lawn

When you think of a lawn mower, you wouldn’t necessarily think of using a Compact Tractor for the job, right? Well, with a rotary mower attached, it will make short work of lawns, pastures, paddocks and more. Easily able to tackle rough, long patches of stubborn grass and handle more difficult terrains.

A Compact Tractor Can Help With The Gardening

Thinking about growing a large amount of plants or crops? This is the ideal tool for you. With a wide range of various attachments available for planting, digging, cutting, scraping and clearing, you can use your machine to create new plots or maintain existing ones.

A Compact Tractor Is Great For Landscaping

It can’t dig, can it? Yes, it can! Using the correct front loader implement can turn your machine into a digging machine and all manner of landscaping jobs, whether it’s a small residential project or a large commercial area. With other attachments also available, your machine can also be used to maintain and evenly spread both gravel and soil, dispose of excess wood, remove leaves and so on.

A Compact Tractor Can Lift & Move Heavy Objects

A Front Loader attachment is one of the most popular attachments to use on a Compact Tractor and it makes lifting and moving heavy objects a breeze. Compact Tractors come with a hydraulic system for those heavy jobs you might not of thought possible. Snow, Gravel, Debris – No Problem! It doesn’t end there though, did you know you can also turn your Compact Tractor into a Forklift by simply swapping over to the forklift implement, allowing you to lift and move weights around 700kg.

A Compact Tractor Can Be Turned Into A Snow Plough

When you’re tending to a large area, unpredictable weather patterns can end up causing a few problems, with snow being one of the worse. With the right attachment you can blow that problem away though by attaching a Snow Plough to the back or the front of the tractor. Fire it up and clear the path with ease.

A Compact Tractor Can Level Your Ground

Attaching a rear mounted blade means that you can level, grade and spread gravel on your property giving you an even surface to work from. This also works for when you are trying to distribute food or mulch over an area and you want it to be spread evenly.

A Compact Tractor Can Prepare, Plant, Seed & Fertalise

By using both the Tiller & Spreader attachments, it can turn your machine into a one-stop-shop for preparing and planting on your land. Begin by tilling and aerating the area you want to plant on by using the Tiller attachment, then switch over to the Spreader attachment to seed and fertalise the area with ease.

A Compact Tractor Can Help To Look After Livestock

With it’s smaller size, this little work horse is a handy bit of kit to help you transport food and hay for your livestock over rough or hard to access areas. Furthermore you can use the machine to clean up the area around your livestock and also spread manure on your crops.

The Compact Tractor really is the Swiss Army Knife of agricultural and farming machines. With so many different uses, isn’t it time you upgrade your fleet? For more information contact us today.

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