We’ve Expanded Our Range Of Winton Products

New Winton Products For Sale

We have some exciting news, here at Handy compact tractors, we have just introduced 3x new products of the Winton brand that we will now be keeping in stock available for purchase.

The Winton brand is becoming a big name in the compact machinery world with them being good quality products at an affordable price. The high-performance, robust and durable products are ideal for use on smallholdings and estates. All machinery also comes with a 12-month parts warranty so that you can buy with complete confidence and peace of mind. Winton stock a large range of different machinery for different jobs on estates and small holdings. So let’s talk about our newest additions, the Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter and the FR5 FTS 5ft and FR6 FTS 6ft Field Rollers.

The Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter WAM80 | Handy Compact Tractors & Machinery

The Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter WAM80

The WAM80 Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter is a high reach hedge trimmer. These are great for cutting hedges, ditches, embankments and roadsides. This is a great piece of equipment for estates as well as smallholdings or paddocks. The WAM80 is fitted with Y Style flail blades and also a PTO driven hydraulic pump, meaning the attachment is independent of the tractor hydraulics. Alongside the fully adjustable cutting arm, this makes the machine very versatile.

Easy to use levers control the cutting head and arm reach. The operating levers are in an easy to move block. The cable controls can be fixed to the tractor in a convenient place for operation. The rotor direction can go up and the front and down at the front. The main arm can move downwards and upwards, as well as inwards and outwards. The cutting head angle can also be adjusted. The rotation of the rotor can be changed from clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Winton Hedge Trimmer Specs | Handy Compact Tractors & Machinery

The Winton 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter cutter also benefits from an adjustable rear roller, which can be adjusted to change finish and cutting height.


Winton 5ft & 6ft Roller Available At Handy Compact Tractors & Machinery

The FR5 FTS 5ft Field Roller and FR6 FTS 6ft Field Roller

Our FR5 FTS 5ft and FR6 6ft Field Rollers are well-suited to smallholdings and estates. Perfect for levelling out paddocks after topping or harrowing throughout the year. It is also ideal for maintaining sand schools, sports pitches and tracks. This roller is British designed and manufactured for strength and reliability. The greasable bearings and the adjustable scraper mean that the roller is quick and easy to maintain and clean.

The weight of the roller can be adjusted by filling the drum with water using the bung on the side of the drum. This means that the roller can be adjusted to exert the required pressure to level the land in question. The roller attaches easily to a range of small and compact tractors with the simple pin hitch. Most tractors will have a compatible draw bar to attach to the pin hitch. However a ball hitch upgrade option is also available to fit to ATV quad bikes or 4X4 vehicles. This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.

Although here at Handy compact tractors, we are not able to stock every single item, we try to focus on the more popular machines available, but if there is something specific you are after, send us a message and we will let you know availability and cost of the machine you are looking for in particular.

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